Genre: Feature Film, Horror
OriginalTitle: Lilith’s Awakening
Year: 2016
Original Version: English
Duration: 80′
Subtitled (CC): English, Brazilian Portuguese
Dubbed In: None


From Brazilian Director Monica Demes comes a re-imagining of the Bram Stoker classic, Dracula…

Lilith’s Awakening is a psychological horror art film that tells the story of Lucy, a sexually repressed woman trapped in a loveless marriage and a dead-end job at her father’s service station in a small Iowa town. The highlight of her existence comes at night, when she dreams of a mysterious and beautiful woman who haunts the woods outside her modest home. One night, a mechanic who works for her father forces himself on Lucy, awakening in her an uncontrollable dark force. When he makes her promise to meet him later at his hideaway in the woods, it may be the girl of her dreams – not his – who shows up for the fateful rendezvous.

WINNER OF 12 AWARDS including the 2017 Indie Belgrade Film Festival – Artist Innovation Award and BEST DIRECTOR – Portland Horror Film Festival.

Director: Monica Demes
Screenplay: Monica Demes
Producer: Monica Demes
Cast:  Sophia Woodward, Barbara Eugenia, Steve Kennevan, Sam Garles, Matthew Lloyd Wilcox, Eden West
Line Producer:  Chamolie Thomson
Executive Producers: Monica Demes, Roberto Honczar, Antonio Carlos Santana, Mar Outsiders
Cinematography: Gregor Kresal
Assistant Director: Nusha Swan
Costume Design: Andrea Acker, Mary V. Sweeney
Colorist: Lucia Blanco Editor: Monica Deme
Soundtrack:  David Feldman