Genre:  Animation, Family
Original Title:  Bia & Nino
Year:  2018
Original Version:  Brazilian Portuguese
Duration:  14 x 2’ English and Spanish Versions
Duration:  44 x 2′ Portuguese + 20 x 2′ Non-Verbal (Humming) Versions
Subtitled (CC):  English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Dubbed in:  English, Spanish


Especially developed by educators for toddlers and infants. Bia, Nino and their friends live in a colorful garden where they play and learn with each other. The series reinforces values like kindness, affection, friendship, cheerfulness and curiosity.

A Total of 90 minutes approximately. Full HD Episodes in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Non-Verbal (Humming) Versions.

Director: Saulo Ribas
Writer: Saulo Ribas
Cast: Bia, Nino and Friends
Producer: Saulo Ribas
Delegate Producers: Thais Diniz, Gislene Rocha
Executive Producer: Roberto Ruiz
Head of Animation: Luiz Henrique Rodrigues
3D Animators: Beatriz Leme, Paola Hiroki, Luiz Henrique Rodrigues, Italo Aguiar, Beto Gomez
Editors: Luiz Henrique Rodrigues, Beto Gomez, Italo Aguiar, Beatriz Leme
Executive Sound Producers: Aline Romeiro, Wlad Mattos, Natalia Mallo
Original Music: Aline Romeiro, Wlad Mattos, Natalia Mallo