Genre:  Feature Film, Drama
Original Title:  Jogo de Xadrez
Year:  2014
Original Version:  Brazilian Portuguese
Duration:  80′
Subtitled (CC):  English, Brazilian Portuguese
Dubbed in:  None


Guilhermina, a high-ranking public servant is sentenced to prison because of a social security fraud involving a senator in Brazil. The senator fears that she can tell the truth to the authorities, so he bribes the prison warden to prevent any contact with the “outside world”. Now in a very different and dangerous role, “Mina” became the main piece in “Chess Game”.

2016 Best Film Award, Best Director (Luis Antonio Pereira) and Best Actress (Priscila Fantin) at the Stars Hollywood Festival in Los Angeles.

Director:  Luis Antonio Pereira
Screenplay:  Luis Antonio Pereira
Cast:  Priscila Fantin, Antonio Calloni, Tuca Andrada, Carla Marins
Producer:  Luis Antonio Pereira
Associate Producer:  Priscila Fantin
Executive Producer:  Luis Antonio Pereira
Co-Producers:  Mario Barros, João Borges, Daniel Medeiros
Cinematography:  Kika Cunha
Sound:  Pedro Sá, Daniel Medeiros
Editor:  Marcelo Moraes
Music:  André Paixão