Genre:  Animation, Family
Original Title:  Tronquinho e Pão de Queijo
Year:  2017
Original Version:  Brazilian Portuguese
Duration:  26 x 11’
Subtitled (CC):  English, Brazilian Portuguese
Dubbed in:  English


Chunk and Donut is a 2D animated series highlighting the exciting adventures of Chunk and his best friend Donut in their pursuit of happiness. Our heroes are a clumsy 10-year-old boy and his little dog, trying to fulfill Grandpa’s last wish: To “Find Happiness”… The only problem is that they think happiness is a person or a place… Really?! Watch and be prepared for many laughs and lots of twists and turns!

Director: Duda Campos
Writer: Flávia Lins e Silva
Cast:  Chunk, Donut, Crossilla, Lice Comb and many more
Producer: Rodrigo Gava
Delegate Producer: Gloob
Executive Producers: Gil Josquin, Rodrigo Gava
Head of Animation: Duda Campos, Rodrigo Gava
2D Animators: Rafael Pah, Edilson Alves, Thiago Barros
Editors: Daniel Alves, Duda Campos, Rodrigo Gava
Executive Sound Producer: Leonardo Donorato
Original Music: Pedro Cintra, Vidaut, Carlos Toroé