mmo game

Genre:  Animation, MMO Game, Family
Original Title:  Kukoo Monkeys
Year:  2018
Original Version:  English
Duration:  52 x 11′ + 10 (non-dialog) x 1’
Subtitled (CC):  English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Dubbed in:  None


Kukoo Monkeys combines technology and entertainment in a fresh and original way. It’s a transmedia project that includes 3 main platforms: Animation Series, MMO Game and Merchandise Licensing.

The Kukoo Monkeys universe is shared between the TV series and the game. Kids will be able to interact in the game with the same characters and environments presented on the TV shows, always with a direct and continuous link between the two platforms.

Director: Estêvão Queiroga
Writer: Estêvão Queiroga, Ademar Vieira, Pedro Anversa
Cast:  Mr. Monkey, Monita, Monktopus, Grammape and many more
Producer: Olimpio Neto, Luciana Druzina
Delegate Producer: William Tadeu, Amanda Ruano
Executive Producer: PetitFabrik
Head of Animation: Humberto Rodrigues
3D Animators: Humberto Rodrigues, Glaubert Oliveira, Rodrigo Bitencort
Editor: Humberto Rodrigues
Executive Sound Producers: PetitFabrik
Original Music: Samuel Silva, Yuri Costa