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Newbie and the Disasternauts


In the future, kids can buy real experiences in the same way they play video games today. Newbie decides to spend his money on a trip to outer space. Unfortunately after a crash he lands his rented ship and crew onto a tiny asteroid… Meet Newbie the Captain and his rusty crew of Astronauts (“The Disasternauts”), suddenly lost in space.

Genre:  Animation, Family
Original Title:  Nilba e os Desastronautas
Year:  2017
Original Version:  Brazilian Portuguese
Duration:  39 x 7’
Subtitled (CC):  English, Brazilian Portuguese
Dubbed in:  English


Director: Ale McHaddo
Writers: Ale McHaddo, Felipe Mazzoni, Keka Reis
Cast:  Newbie, Albert, Laika, Zabarowsk, Dr. Roger, Dawson, Mrs. Hilda and many more
Producers: 44Toons, Fundação Padre Anchieta
Line Producers: Carolina Frattini, Janaina Mesquita
Executive Producers: Ale McHaddo, Melina Manasseh
Background Design: Ale McHaddo
Additional Design: André Placitte, Stephanie Yukani, Ivan Freirespan
Painting: Robson Lima, Paulo Biagioni, André Placitte
2D Animators: Stephanie Yukari, Fernanda Buchalla, Gui Ramalho, Bento De Paula, Ronaldo Passaretti, André Placitte, Caio Martins, Luiz Berger, Ivan Freire
Editor: Ale McHaddo
Executive Sound Producer (English Version): Kip Kaplan
Original Music: Alexandre Guerra